Production of bioethanol from sugar beets through our DP+Beta method is the core of our work. Read more on this dedicated website.

In future we develop byproducts such as Butanol, IBE, ABE and further investigate the C2 Chain. These directions will be explored as a result of the factory.

In terms of reststreams, we note several other developments.

Production green gas

The rest stream after the distillation is ready for biogas production. The quality of the vinasse leads to a high methane yield which can be used for the production of green gas.

Paper and cardboard

The rest stream consists of 5% fibres which are ideal to be used in combination with the paper pulp. The combination leads to a very strong, excellent quality of cardboard.

Spinning yarn

The (hemi-)celluloses are part of the rest stream. After separating and purification these fibres are extremely clean (sugar free) to be used for spinning purposes in a wet spinning process. From the purified feedstock yarn can be produced, usable in the textile industry.

  • Aerogels (via yarn). After the yarn is produced it is possible to use this product as raw material for the production of aerogels. Simple use of aerogel fibres as wallpaper could lead to 25% energy savings. Instead of polystyrene foam, so-called aerogel fibres could be used as insulation material. Aerogel fibres replaces these polystyrene based products, this leads to a factor 2 to 3 reduction of the thickness of the insulation.

  • Polymer production. The rest stream and especially the fibres are separated from this watery stream and slurry. After this process, the fibres are used for mixing with other ingredients as a raw material for bioplastics. Mixing the fibres with the ingredients leads to a stronger bioplastic of higher quality.